Ramulifho Inc Attorneys

Lesley Ramulifho

Proven South African Law Reform, facilitation of adoption of Acts and establishment of new State Institutions, Regulatory Framework & Constitutional Expertise

 Ushers in undisputed knowledge and skills on all Constitutional, Legislative and Regulatory matters. His profound contribution towards the critical Legislation review, leading to major amendments on the current Social Security Legislation, thus providing an essential substratum for the establishment of the Social Assistance Appeals Tribunal

Ramulifho Inc Attorneys recently developed and drafted the Green Paper of Agricultural Training Institute, collecting and analyzing of all source documents including Agricultural Training Institute approved norms and standards, Agricultural Training Institute approved Governance and Financial Framework, consultations with all relevant stakeholders including the National Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries.

Ramulifho Inc Attorneys assisted in establishment of NCERA Farms Pty Ltd Interim Governing Body, relevant governance policies and procedures in line with the Companies Act as amended. Establishment of the Interim Stakeholders Committees, consultation with the established interim committees, which included the National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, Eastern Cape Provincial Agricultural Department, NCERA Farmers, representatives of the NCERA royal families representatives and NCERA farmers community representatives and development of the Interim Board Framework Structures. Drafting of Report and submitting the same to the National Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

Examples of cases worked on:

    • Amendments to the Gambling Act of South Africa – dispute between national and provincial government on the interpretation of concurrent jurisdiction was taken to the Constitutional Court for clarification;
    • Alleged breach of the RSA’s international obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the illegal conveyance of restricted items within the borders of South Africa and illegal exportation thereof from South Africa;
    • Amendments to the Competition Act (various amendments) including the amendments on criminalisation of collusive behaviour  on the part of the individual, which had been referred back on grounds of unconstitutionality;
    • Investigation of complaints in terms of the Harmful Business Practices Act and Usury Act, in particular, cases involving pyramid  schemes and losses suffered by consumers;
    • General Export Incentive Scheme (GEIS) matters and reconciliations of grants disbursed;
    • Complaints in respect of anti-dumping matters;
    • Internal labour disputes, in particular, dismissal of SMS personnel and appeals brought before the Executive Authority;
    • International investment disputes, in particular, claims brought by Swiss national and Italian companies respectively;
    • Company investigations (eg CorpCapital) where interests of minority shareholders at stake including all challenges brought against the dti as a result of administrative action taken;


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Rafia Akram

Proven Legislation and Regulatory Framework & Governance Expertise

A graduate from University of Pretoria with cum Laude has extensive knowledge and skills on all Constitutional, Legislative and Regulatory matters. Her profound contribution towards the current  Legislation review, leading to major amendments on the current Aviation and Environmental Law. She brings with a required thorough research as demonstrated during her years as a Lecturer at the University of Cape Town.